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Age of Youth (Season 02) (2017) Korean Drama [Eng Sub] Download

Download Age of Youth (Season 02) Korean Drama

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Five girls in their 20s share a house called Belle Époque. A year has passed since “Hello, My Twenties 1.” Each of them got a job, went back to school, is still trying to get a boyfriend, or is getting over her first breakup. One day, a new student arrives at the house with a letter she stumbled upon. The letter is filled with curses on one of the girls at Belle Époque.


  • Native Title: 청춘시대 2
  • Romanization: Cheongchunshidae 2
  • Type: Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Lee Tae Gon, Kim Sang Ho
  • Genres: Friendship, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Aug 25, 2017 – Oct 7, 2017
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: jTBC
  • Duration: 60 min.

Video Information

  • Type: Drama
  • No. of Episodes: 14
  • Quality: 720p NF WEB-DL
  • Audio: Korean
  • Subtitles: English

Download Age of Youth (Season 02) (2017) Korean Drama [Eng Sub]

Age of Youth (Season 02) (2017) Korean Drama [480p] [Eng Sub]

Age of Youth (Season 02) (2017) Korean Drama [720p] [Eng Sub]

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Age of Youth (Season 02) (2017) Korean Drama Review

After one year, the girls of Belle Epoque (the shared apartment’s name) welcome a new roommate, Jo Eun, a tomboy, who found the apartment after discovering a letter full of curses addressed to the girls of the shared house. The girls themselves have found new jobs, new projects or are trying to get over their ex-boyfriends.

The second season of the hit drama age of youth has almost the same mood as the first one. The girl power is all over the script and the (new) five girls are again forced to overcome a new mystery regarding the house they are sharing. This time, however, the drama has a lighter approach when it comes to the girls’ lives. The romances were a bit cuter than the ones before, the heartache, however, was still there. I guess the best story of the five was the one of Ye Eun’s, who had to overcome her fears and get out again. Another minus for this season was Ji Won’s story. This character got more screen time and her story started getting really good, but it was never concluded. Nevertheless, the new girl was very interesting and her story was entertaining.

Ye Eun is a shadow of her previous self. She used to be a selfist, cute girl who was both popular and admirable. However, after her toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she is now afraid to face the world. She has closed herself and doesn’t open up to anyone, even her friends. Han Seung Yeon had smooth character development and her story was very real and understandable.

Jo Eun is the new girl in the shared house. She is often mistaken for a boy, as she is very tall and likes to dress up like a boy. However, she is just a shy girl who wants to be loved and be befriended. Choi Ah Ra might not have the best chemistry with her love interest, but she was very adorable and her character spiced up the plot.

Eun Jae tries to overcome her break up with her first boyfriend. She wants him back and thus, goes to extreme lengths to win him back. Ji Woo replaces Park Hye Soo as Eun Jae and she was a lower key of the previous season’s character, but less annoying too.

Ji Won is still carefree and bubbly as ever. However, she starts feeling the pressure of growing up. So, she decides that it is time to find a boyfriend. Park Eun Bin was better this time around, and she had more screening time in this season. Her romance was the best in Age of youth 2, but it was left unfinished.

Jin Myung has left the restaurant where she worked and she is now working for an entertainment company. There, she meets a boy who is in a kpop group. However, even though they become friends, she is forced to announce to them that the company has decided to disband them. With the sweet cameo of Pentagon and A.C.E (both kpop idol groups), Jin Myung’s story was not as good as the first’s seasons, but it was entertaining to watch. Han Ye Ri did a decent job in this one too.

The drama has presented all the stories nicely, although the beginning was a bit odd. The ending, however, was left open (maybe there will be a third season???)

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